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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

First post

This is my first, but certainly not my last posting here on blogger. My name is Yashar. I was born and raised in Sweden, and moved to Sunny San Diego in 1996. I am half Persian, half Chilean, hence the name, and my middle name being Marcelo. I am turning 26 in 2 days (March 3rd), so....actually my wife had to remind of it, :-). I believe when I passed 21, it just wasn't as exciting anymore, just another day in time. Not that I dislike being celebbrated on a day, and receive gifts, but as a child I counted the days, if not weeks leading up to my birthday. i met my wife in college, and since then I have been madly in love with her. As for a living, I am part of a trio of founders who founded, a really cool site, that frankly no one has done before. Yeah, I know, since I am a part of it, it is expected of me to say so, but really, you should check out So, perhaps I should explain what we do. We are a new company that has been in the works for the past two years. It is our mission to allow people who are searching for any type of business or service to receive such information as quickly and as informative as possible. As you know the future of the Internet has arrived at a new stepping-stone, and that step is video. We are seeing companies such as Google and Yahoo! getting their video searches online, as well as many other new "startups" that are attempting the same thing. Videonary is also going into video search online but from a different angle. We are the world’s first video yellow pages. In other words, when you perform a search for a business you have traditionally done it on the Yellow Pages book, or in a search engine. Your results have always been the same, it has all been text based. Videonary has changed that, and continues to change that form of obtaining information. We have begun with San Diego, California as the stepping-stone for such a video directory. To date, we have filmed and posted well over 1000 videos of businesses in the San Diego region. This will be expanded nation-wide in the very near future. Because Videonary is the first business of its kind, it has successfully filed multiple patents to protect its features, services, and products. Moreover, because of the uniqueness of Videonary’s concept, we were featured on San Diego’s abc Local News (Channel 10 News), and we also had an article written about us in Yahoo! News. Now, it is simply a question of time before we come to your hometown if we have not done so already. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just want to talk to us here at Videonary, feel free to email us.

Or you can just email me directly at Anyways, I am here finally on blogspot to get to know like minded people who are always in search of the new, and sometimes the old. In other words, I love filling my mind with new knowledge, and if I can do the same that would be nice too. So, until next time, as they say in Italy,